Primary features. . .

• 100% recycled cured wood

• Fine, consistent texture

• No nails, dirt or weeds

• Safe, Non-arsenic

• pH neutral

• Non-acidic

• Decay and fade resistant

  • Is color enhanced mulch safe for plants & animals?

Yes, the raw materials used to color this 100% recycled wood mulch are made from naturally occurring colors found in the earth’s surface. These colorants are formulated to be nontoxic to plants as well as animals. additionally, our mulch is non-acidic, PH neutral product that will not increase the acidity of your soil. This mulch is comprised of 100% recycled wood which is non-treated and non-arsenic.

  • How much mulch should be applied & reapplied?

Generally, you should apply mulch at a depth of 2”-4” using less for heavy, clay soils, and more for lighter, sandy soil. Raking any type of mulch at 6 month intervals will rejuvenate your beds thus allowing additional aeration to plant roots. Because our color enhanced mulch is decay and fade resistance, you need only to top dress your beds with 1”-2” of new mulch yearly to maintain a manicured appearance. Due to the inherent fading and graying associated with ordinary mulch, landscapers and homeowners routinely have to re-mulch which is very cost prohibitive. Our color enhanced, 100% recycled wood mulch has a vivid color that retains its hue and fresh appearance year round.

  • How long does this premium colored mulch maintain its vibrant color?

Applied colorant penetrates deeply to 100% recycled cured wood. Therefore, our color enhanced mulch will typically maintain its color for over a year as compared with other mulches which turn gray or white within a short time. Once the color dries on the 100% recycled wood, the color becomes permanent.

  • Do termites interact with mulch?

Termites are subject to interact with any type of cellulose wood fiber. However, mulch tends to be an undesirable source of food for termites because of its small particles. Termites prefer larger masses of undyed wood. Additionally, because our mulch contains no dirt or weeds, it deters other bugs.

  • What additional advantages does this 100% recycled wood offer?

Recycling wood is an environmentally smart practice that has proven consumer appeal and acceptance. To manage our wood waste, the wood is ground and converted into the premium color enhanced mulch now being demanded by uncompromising landscapers and homeowners. Customer satisfaction has been overwhelming!